Sixteen! That’s the number of children Saji and Cynthia John planned to care for once their 2 children had grown up. Why 16? Two Swedish social workers had taken care of 16 children in the Indian state of Karnataka in the 1970s. Saji was one of the 16. The impact these workers had on Saji was significant and eternal.

What started with the 16 though has since grown far beyond what Saji and Cynthia could have ever imagined.

In 2007, a stranger brought 2 girls found begging in the slums of Hyderabad to Saji and Cynthia’s home. Sadly, their father could no longer afford his 5 children and was abandoning these 2 precious ones to the streets to fend for themselves. The stranger asked Saji and Cynthia to care for the siblings. Although unprepared, Saji and Cynthia said yes to the man, and took these 2 children in.

Since that day in 2007, God continued to bring hurting and broken people to Saji and Cynthia’s doorstep – abandoned children, widows and their children who were cast out of their families, girls trafficked into prostitution, children of prostitutes being abused in brothels, and most recently temple prostitutes. Despite insufficient resources, Saji and Cynthia continued to say yes and trust God His provision and protection as they take care of all these precious ones. Today, John Foundation, Saji and Cynthia’s foundation, serves far more than the initial 16 they had planned.


  • As of 2017, John foundation serves:
    • 202 orphaned and semi-orphaned children live in 17 Children’s Homes
    • 40 girls rescued from Commercial Sex Work and Temple prostitution live in 4 Restoration-Transformation Homes
    • 495 children of single mothers attend the Asha Back to School Program
    • 490 students at risk of school dropout receive tutoring in 17 Asha Tuition (tutoring) Centers
    • Over 4600 single mothers and girls who dropped out of school have attended the employable skills training program. Today, 89% of these students are employed


Saji John

President & Founder

Dr. Saji K. John joined Operation Mobilization India in 1983 for a summer outreach programme. Three months of exposure to OM teams opened his eyes to the social needs of India and he decided to stay on in OM rather than continue his college studies.

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Cynthia John

Director for Employable Skills Training Program for Women

While still at college, Cynthia attended a youth retreat conducted by YFC. Her time at the retreat changed the way she looked at her life and gave her a heart for the hurting and broken in India

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Praveen Kumar

Department Head, Asha Books and Gift line

Dhanraj Praveen Kumar Joined OM Books in 1992 and has since been involved in the Literature Industry in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. He has served as bookshop manager, organised multiple book fairs and travelled across India to audit bookshop transactions and train bookshop managers.

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Sunith Matthew

Department Head, Asha Restoration Homes

Sunith joined World Vision India in 1999 and has over 24 years of experience in Child and Women development. During his time at World vision he served in many roles including project manager, program coordinator and zonal manager. Sunith Mathew has vast experience in developing programs catering to children and women dealing with HIV Aids, TB and other communicable diseases.

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Renjumon K Karunakaran

Director, Children Homes Alwal

Renjumon served as General Manager at ‘Our Home Charitable Trust’ taking care of orphan children between 2002 and 2006. In December 2006 he moved to Mahaboob Nagar, Telangana where he worked among leprosy patients providing them food and medicine for 2 years. He later also served as a project staff at OM India.

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Director, Children Homes Medchal

Ragland joined OM India in the year 1993 after his higher secondary education. Having a passion for the poor, he served the organization in its North India teams for 5 years. He was blessed with mature leaders who helped him overcome his fears, mentored him and help inculcate in him leadership qualities.

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