The John Foundation runs two Garment Factories at its locations producing a variety of western and Indian wear. Indian Punjamies, scarves and kurties are often sold and exported in bulk quantities. The factories also work on a number of other products such as bedsheets and pillow covers, cloth bags etc. The factory has constantly been fulfilling orders to countries all across the world including the USA, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, Switzerland, UK etc.

The garment factory also serves as a great training ground and possible employment opportunity for the women from our restoration homes as well as employable skill training institutes.


Established in 2012, The Asha Bookstore has since been selling a wide range of books at its retail outlet in Hyderabad and well as supplying these books at wholesale prices to book stores all across the country of India.

With further scope of growth in this area, the John Foundation is currently looking to expand into a larger warehouse for increased storage and streamlined shipment.


The Beauty parlour at John foundation was begun with the dual purpose of serving as an income generation project as well as an environment where the women from the Beautician course at our Employable Skills training Institute could receive hands on training and experience.

Looked after by trained beauty professionals and located in the city of Hyderabad, the parlour today services a number of clients through its wide range of bridal and make up packages as well as constantly evolving hairstyle and make up services.


Started in 2015, the Giftline project began with the intention of including additional products at our Asha Book Store. Today with a dedicated factory of its own, the Giftline department produces a number of wall hangings are frames that are sold at stores all across the country.

In the recent months, the factory has also moved towards adding a number of new items such as multipurpose pouches, jute bags, handmade bangles and jewellery, all of which would make great gifts for a loved one.


The Microloan program was started in 2008 with the intention of providing the women at our Employable Skill Training Institutes, the financial jump start required to begin a new business or find a job. A modest loan of $200 – $500 is given to the ones with greatest need and over the years close to 95% of these women have gone on to begin their own tailoring shops and beauty parlours, eventually repaying the loan in due time.

The reasonable interest charged on these loans generates income that helps support the operational costs at the Employable Skills Training Institutes. Through the interest paid, the women are also able to sow back into the work at the John Foundation and in turn contribute towards transforming more lives.